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I belong to a generation of Cuban painters who left that island nation during early youth, the development of our art occurring in exile.

I was born of Cuban parents but with an American grandfather hailing from the state of Georgia. A strong attraction to the arts was manifest in me since childhood. At age seventeen I began to paint, encountered the work of Lam, Carreno, Amelia Pelaez, Cundo Bermudez and met Portocarrero and Dirube. Influenced by their painterly expressions reflective of the vibrancy of Cuban life, my work, like theirs, betrays a Caribbean origin by the dynamic use of line and brilliant color.

Entering Columbia University at New York City I majored in architecture with a minor in painting and sculpture. Upon graduation, I returned to Havana.

In 1961 I left Cuba to establish residence in the United States. Since then my painting has evolved towards abstraction with remnants of figuration. Imbued by perceptions of life in an exuberant earth my work transcends outer reality and reflects an inner world. Embedded in a questioning spirit that informs me, the art I create is predominantly lyrical, joyful and spontaneous with vivid colorings but governed by a demanding sense of order and gestural concerns.

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